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Joëlle DALLE,

contemporary artist

I was born in 1949 in the North of France. With my husband and children, we have lived in Provence since 1985.

After more than 30 years in this region, I am still impressed by the vibrant colours and the striking beauty of Nature.


I started painting in 2007, when I stopped working. I use acrylic on various materials : canvas, wood, paper. My dedication to painting is closely related to my spiritual search. It is a encounter in silence, an intimate closeness with God, with the Virgin Mary. I liked the colors, manifestation of joy and happiness.


The original icons express tenderness, softness and kindness. They invite most particularly the children but also the adults to prayer and touch their hearts, in a moment of recollection in silence. The icons offer a modern perspective with a different representation of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, holy figures, Saints. All the icons are gilded with gold leaf.

Joëlle DALLE, artiste contemporaine

What does the logo represent ? 

Simply the stylized signature of the artist.

Her initials, subtly written on her works and reused as a logo, show the link with the website Tendresse de Dieu.

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